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A fantastic wide range of luxury stationary available to purchase online. Great prices on popular pen brands such as Parker, Waterman and Visconti.

A proper fountain pen heaven - good selection with very decent prices. Large selection of ink - Noodlers, Diamine, J Herbin and then some! Paper and notebooks too.

Pen Place

Pen Place is your source for luxury pens and fine pens. Our many brands include: Montblanc, Pelikan, Aurora, Delta, Waterman, Parker, Cross, Faber-Castell, Acme Studio, Retro 1951, Michael's Fat Boy, Monteverde, Fisher, TWSBI and Lamy.

Pen Place also carries leather from Johnston & Murphy, Aston Leather and Montblanc, pen holders from Jac Zagoory and lighters from Zippo.

Pen Place is your one stop destination for the world's best fine writing instruments. Pen Place has been the Midwest's favorite destination for fountain pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and expressive accessories since 1968. Just like our Kansas City location, the Pen Place Website offers easy browsing, competitive prices and friendly personal service.

Our policy is to make your pen shopping experience rewarding, fun and easy! Please contact us if we can assist you!

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