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A.B.C. Lloyd

A wide range of both vintage and modern fountain pens and writing accessories of all sorts.

New pens from: Visconti, Onoto, Conway Stewart, Pilot, Pelikan, Ohoto, Platinum, Aurora, Yoropen and Opus Penna.

Vintage pens from: Swan, Conway Stewart, Parker, De La Rue, Waterman, Shaeffer, Conklin, Montblanc, Wahl Eversharp, Burnham, Mentmore and others.


Nice shop that has a very good pen selection, with an excellent selection of pens from $10 to 500. Curtis, Visconti, and Delta are regularly in stock. Part of a shop in combination with modern design and higher end kitchen goods.

Willamette Stationers

This is a stationary shop from the good ole' days (assuming they were good for everyone ...). Willamette Stationers has excellent service and knowledgeable staff. In addition to ink and fountain pens, they carry a wide selection of office and art supplies.

They are conveniently located across from the Amtrak train station. Well worth a visit if you're in Eugene.