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Mazzini47 -

Mazzini47 is a luxury store in Pordenone (North-east of Italy). They sell all kind of elegant and design gifts, from writing instruments, to business bags, to clocks, to leather items.

I really like this shop because of the kindness of its employees, the great quality of its products and the superb customer service.

Pen Haven

The shop, owned by Bert Heiserman, sells mainly vintage pens. However, he also has some modern pens, such as Sailor, Pelikan, Taccia, and Visconti pens.

Bert also does repair and is an authorized Sheaffer repairperson.

Only open from 12-5 Saturdays and Sundays

Tempera Oy

+ full range of Caran d'Ache Colours of the Earth fountain pen inks, Rohrer & Klingner calligraphy inks. Full range of Pelikan and Parker Quink.