manual mazda mpv 2001 ebook

manual mazda mpv 2001 ebook

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manual mazda mpv 2001 ebookPlease try again.Please try again.Please try again. Information within each manual has been developed by the OEM to give vehicle owners a basic understanding of the operation of their vehicle. Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels. Provides recommended oil for your vehicle, gas tank capacity, clock and radio settings. Information about vital fluids. These are factory issued manuals. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Register a free business account Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Videos Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video. Upload video To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. Patty Kent 5.0 out of 5 stars. We spend our time colecting up some of the rarest owner manuals around in an attempt to make them as easily findable as possible. It is an information that may indicate a you need to see your owner manual alphabetical list of what is in the. Transmission Temperature of View). See Malfunction Gauge (Except ZL1) on 2. Turn Signal Lever. See Turn and Indicator Lamp on page 5-17. page 5-13. Lane-Change Signals on 10. This section provides a brief overview about some of the important features that may or may not be on your specific vehicle. For more detailed information, refer to each of the features which can be found later in this owner manual. Do not drive until the head restraints for all occupants are installed and Raise or lower the entire seat by adjusted properly. If equipped with high performance seats, the front seat head restraints cannot be adjusted. See Head Restraints on page 3-2 and Power Seat Adjustment on page 3-3.

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There are four positions: To change the settings, press the To adjust the steering wheel:: Briefly turn to this position to. Tap Shift Tap Shift allows the driver to manually control the automatic transmission. To use Tap Shift, the shift lever must be in M (Manual Mode) or D (Drive). When using the Manual Transmission Vehicle Features ERS mode a number will display One to Four Shift Message next to the M, indicating the current Radio(s) (V8 Only) maximum gear allowed.Service Stations from all bands can be 6. To save the time or date and stored in the favorite lists in any SiriusXM is a satellite radio service return to the Time and Date order. If cruise control is already active, use to increase vehicle speed.Universal Remote system. Because Ultrasonic Parking Assist of the steps involved, it may be The accessory power outlets do not. Control The traction control system limits wheel spin. Automatic car conditions require. New Chevrolet owners are washes are not recommended, Keep vehicle tires properly automatically enrolled in the due to lack of clearance for the inflated. See OnStar Overview on page 14-1. Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System See Radio Frequency Statement on page 13-15. If there is a decrease in the RKE operating range: The key that is part of the Remote Press the key release button on the. See Locking Feedback under Vehicle The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Personalization on page 5-44.See Vehicle ignition.Caution engine to be started from outside 1. Insert the new vehicle key into the vehicle. See engine is still running. This provides Step 2, press and hold for at Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) a total of 20 minutes. Door Locks Warning (Continued) Conditions in Which Remote Start Will Not Work Warning Outsiders can easily enter through an unlocked door The remote start will not operate if: Unlocked doors can be when slowing or stopping the The key is in the ignition. The free turning door lock see Vehicle Personalization on feature prevents the lock from being page 5-44. See Vehicle programmed through the Driver Personalization on page 5-44. Information Center (DIC). See Trunk Vehicle Personalization on Automatic Door Locks page 5-44. Warning When the doors are closed, the Lockout Protection ignition is on, and the shift lever is. For Lock (Convertible Only) manual transmissions, the vehicle Adjust the climate control must be off, or stationary with the system to a setting that parking brake set. Caution Vehicle Alarm System Do not use the emergency trunk This vehicle has an anti-theft alarm release handle as a tie-down or system. The key problem with the system. Warning Heated Mirrors A convex mirror can make things, For vehicles with heated mirrors: like other vehicles, look farther (Rear Window Defogger):. Pull the switch up to closing the door so the top of the close it.Warning The switches work when the ignition Express Window Operation. When express-up is active, the express override, make sure that window will auto-reverse if there is all people and obstructions are 2. The top is wet or dirty. This can cause stains, mildew or Dirt and debris may collect on the damage the inside of the. Under certain Raising the Convertible Top conditions, the Driver Information 1. Park on a level surface. Place Center (DIC) may display a the vehicle in P (Park) with an message regarding the convertible automatic transmission and top. Set the parking convertible top button.The convertible top button can then be used to lower or raise the convertible top. If the convertible top is operated multiple times, the engine should be 5. The convertible top should be Let the soap remain on the fabric for cleaned often. High pressure car a few minutes. If equipped with high performance seats, the vehicle s front seats have head restraints in the outboard seating positions that cannot be adjusted. You can lose control of the 3. Sitting in a reclined position when Reclining Seatbacks the vehicle is in motion can be dangerous. Even when buckled Power Reclining Seatbacks up, the safety belts cannot do their job. To To return the seatback to the upright reduce the risk of burns, people position, lift the seatback and. They are canceled when the ignition On convertible models, there is a is turned on. Press the button to use speaker between the two rear the heated seats after the vehicle is seating positions on the seatback. It also describes some or twisted will not provide the things not to do with safety belts. That is why wearing Warning (Continued) safety belts makes such good sense.Do not allow Safety Belts passengers to ride in any area of the vehicle that is not equipped Q: Will I be trapped in the vehicle with seats and safety belts. Do not let it buckle until it clicks.If the vehicle has side impact airbags, safety belt pretensioners can help tighten the safety belts in a side crash. There is one guide for each outboard passenger position in the rear seat. Here is how to install a comfort guide to the safety belt: 2. These parts be removed from the guide. Slide of the body are best able to take the guide onto the clip, leaving only belt restraining forces. Torn or frayed Replacing Safety Belt safety belts may not protect you in a System Parts after a If the vehicle's safety belt will fasten crash. They can rip apart under Crash around you, you should use it. Coupe Models, Driver Side Shown, The front outboard passenger Passenger Side Similar frontal airbag is in the instrument panel on the passenger side. On coupe models, the seat-mounted The driver frontal airbag is in the side impact airbags for the driver middle of the steering wheel. The path of an inflating airbag must be kept clear. Do not put anything between an occupant and an airbag, and do not attach or put anything on the steering wheel hub or on or near any other airbag covering. After an airbag using the controls for those inflates, you will need some new features. When an airbag inflates, there parts for the airbag system.See the front. This is because the risk to System Passenger Airbag Status Indicator the rear-facing child is so great if the on page 5-15. Warning following the directions provided If the on indicator is still lit, by the child restraint secure the child in the child If the airbag readiness light ever manufacturer and refer to restraint in a rear seat position in comes on and stays on, it means. Caution Warning (Continued) See Passenger Sensing System on page 3-22. If an airbag covering is damaged, protect you and your If the vehicle has rollover roof-rail opened, or broken, the airbag passenger(s) in a crash, resulting airbags, see Different Size Tires may not work properly. If yes, continue. If no, weight and height limitations for that Older Children return to the booster seat. The belt force would then be thrown out of the vehicle. Older applied right on the abdomen.Neither Everyone in a vehicle needs the vehicle's safety belt system nor protection. This includes infants and its airbag system is designed all other children. This alone could cause serious or fatal injuries. To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries during a crash, young children should always be secured in appropriate child restraints. Warning When securing an add-on child restraint, refer to the instructions A child can be seriously injured or that come with the restraint which killed in a crash if the child. For CPST a rear seating position.No one can availability in Canada, check with Never put a rear-facing child seat in guarantee that an airbag will not. Not all vehicle seating positions or child restraints have lower anchors and attachments or top tether anchors and attachments. Anchor Locations Either will have a single Rear Seat Coupe Model attachment (2) to secure the top tether to the anchor. This came with the child restraint and wrapped around their neck and could damage the safety belt or. Refer the child restraint over the seatback. Secure Tethers for Children (LATCH the child in the child restraint when working properly after a crash, System) on page 3-35 for how and and as the instructions say. To check, indicator will come on and stay on grasp the child restraint at the when the vehicle is started. Warning Storage Compartments.4-1 Glove Box. There is an accessory power outlet 2. Attach the cord (1) at trim (2) on both sides. Install the opening of the net at the top and over the two middle hooks (2). When adding electrical equipment, to select the next value.Often gauges and warning lights work together to indicate a Indicators problem with the vehicle. Warning lights and gauges can When one of the warning lights signal that something is wrong comes on and stays on while. None of Gauge the vehicle has left in the fuel tank.Lack of proper engine oil Oil pressure may vary with engine maintenance can damage the speed, outside temperature, and oil engine. If the gauge Metric engine oil temperature. If the gauge pointer moved to the H or the pointed moves to the higher end of shaded area, the engine coolant is. One possible cause is a low fluid level in the transmission. It is normal There is a passenger safety belt for the voltmeter to fluctuate. See Airbag Readiness outboard passenger frontal airbag is Light on page 5-15 for more allowed to inflate. Have it checked by your vehicle serviced by your dealer. See Caution dealer. Driving while this light is on Ignition Positions on page 9-17 for could drain the battery.Poor fuel quality causes safe place to stop and park the the engine not to run as vehicle. Turn the vehicle off, wait at could lead to costly repairs not efficiently as designed and may least 10 seconds, and restart the. See your Maintenance Programs Light dealer for assistance in verifying Depending on where you live, your proper operation of the The vehicle brake system consists vehicle may be required to malfunction indicator lamp. The The brake system might not be light stays on if the parking brake working properly if the brake does not fully release. See Battery Voltage Maintenance Schedule on The display will show a vehicle with This display, available on some page 11-2. the approximate pressures of all vehicles, shows the current battery four tires. Tire pressure is displayed voltage. The following indicator lights come HUD lens on the driver side of the See the Infotainment Manual and on in the instrument cluster when instrument panel. Driver Information Center (DIC) on activated and may also appear on page 5-25. This To adjust the HUD image so that (Up): or (Down): Press the may happen whenever radio items are properly displayed: up or down arrows to center the information is changed. The HUD image in your view. See Automatic Transmission on page 9-26 or Manual Transmission on page 9-32. English English All formats, except Format Four, will show Turn-by-Turn Navigation information and provide details about the next driving maneuver to. See your BATTERY SAVER ACTIVE This message is displayed when the dealer for service.See Convertible Top This message displays when the CRUISE SET TO XXX on page 2-19.Close the trunk This message will display if the This message displays when the completely. Mode on page 9-39. PERF TRACTION 1 PERF TRACTION 2 PERF TRACTION 3 SPORT1 ACTIVE HANDLING ON ACTIVE HANDLING ON ACTIVE HANDLING ON SUSPENSION MODE TOUR. Competitive Driving Mode on Transmissions Only) under page 9-39. Competitive Driving Mode on PERF TRACTION 4 SPORT2. The audio system controls are used The following list of menu items will to access the personalization. Press the knob to confirm and go back to the Unlocked Door Anti Lock Out When on, this feature will delay the last menu.To override the When on, this feature will keep the delay, press the power door lock on Locking Feedback. Have any burned out bulbs replaced. If a bulb is not burned out, check the fuse. An indicator light on the instrument Instrument Panel cluster comes on when the fog Illumination Control lamps are on. The fog lamps come on together with the parking and sidemarker lamps. Infotainment See Defensive Driving on page 9-3. Read the following pages to become familiar with the Introduction Caution infotainment system features. Infotainment.7-1 Theft-Deterrent Feature. There is also information on settings and downloadable applications (if equipped). Theft-Deterrent Feature The theft-deterrent feature works by learning a portion of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to the infotainment system. Audio Settings The audio settings can be set for each radio band and each audio 1. In rare cases, a radio station could broadcast 4. Select the setting. incorrect information that causes the AM-FM Radio radio features to work improperly. 5. Press the BACK button to go If this happens, contact the radio back to the System Control Buttons. All the PTY code depending on the receivable stations in the current content. The system stores the RDS Seek Tuning reception area are displayed.Although the Using a razor blade or sharp SiriusXM signal for a period of time. Wipe For vehicles with convertible tops, the disc from the center to the CD Player the AM-FM antenna is a hidden outer edge.The Infotainment System Controls The system may not work with infotainment system and voice If equipped, the infotainment system all cell phones. See Pairing in recognition are used to control the allows certain controls to be this section. Controls) When using the Bluetooth system, Pairing only needs to be sound comes through the vehicle's For information about how to completed once, unless the front audio system speakers and navigate the menu system using the pairing information on the cell. Listing All Paired and Connected 2. Select Phone Settings or A four-digit Personal Phones Bluetooth Settings. Identification Number (PIN) 1. Press the CONFIG button. 3. Select Bluetooth. appears on the display. The PIN 2. A Bluetooth-enabled cell phone system at a time. For help with this process, see must be paired to the Bluetooth your cell phone manufacturer's If multiple paired cell phones are. Climate Control Systems.8-1 Air Vents Air Vents.. 8-3 Maintenance Passenger Compartment Air Filter. Turn the windshield of fog or frost more entering.At Air Vents seats clear of objects to help higher vehicle speeds, the rear circulate the air inside of the Use the air outlets in the center and defogger can stay on continuously. The filter will need to be replaced periodically. See Maintenance Schedule on page 11-2. Using the climate control system without an air filter installed is not recommended. Information.9-54 Distracted Driving Driving Characteristics and Become familiar with vehicle Towing Tips. Taking your eyes off the road too are important factors in helping to Focus on the task of driving.There are some situations when steering around a problem may Loss of Control be more effective than braking. Skidding Holding both sides of the steering wheel allows you to turn There are three types of skids that 180 degrees without removing. Damage low oil level and could result in performing the brake burnish could be caused to the rear axle. Drive for at least driving through large puddles and 1 km (0.6 mi) between stops. deep standing or flowing water. Repeat until the brake pedal Caution travel starts to increase. Check all fluid levels and brakes, Hydroplaning tires, cooling system, and Hydroplaning is dangerous. Water Highway Hypnosis transmission.If the vehicle does need to be towed out, Do not load the vehicle any vehicle can overheat, causing an see Towing the Vehicle on engine compartment fire or other heavier than the Gross. That weight may not safely exceed the available cargo and luggage load capacity calculated in Step 4. The combined Rating (GVWR). The GVWR weight of the driver, passengers, includes the weight of the and cargo should never exceed vehicle, all occupants, fuel, and the vehicle's capacity weight. cargo. Never exceed the GVWR for the vehicle, or the Gross Certification Label Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) for. See start the vehicle.If the ignition floor and start the engine. The accessories, including the becomes difficult to turn, see Keys vehicle will not start if the clutch ventilation fan and 12-volt power on page 2-1. Plugging the cord into an These vehicle accessories may be ungrounded outlet could cause an 2. Open the hood and unwrap the used for up to 10 minutes after the electrical shock. It is dangerous to get out of the P (Park): Torque Lock vehicle if the shift lever is not fully 1. Press in Warning the side trim until it clicks in place. It is the best position to While Parked Transmission use when starting the engine because the vehicle cannot move It is better not to park with the The Driver Information Center (DIC) easily. The vehicle has an automatic Shifting to R (Reverse) while the Shifting into a drive gear while the transmission shift lock control vehicle is moving forward could engine is running at high speed is system. It provides the best time, the transmission will upshift a Mode. Sport Mode provides firmer, fuel economy. The time at a steady speed, and without If the vehicle is then driven for a vehicle has an electronic shift high cornering loads, the short time at a steady speed, and position indicator within the. For example, when Tap Shift While in M (Manual Mode), the 4 (Fourth) is shown next to the M, transmission will prevent shifting to 1 (First) through 4 (Fourth) gears are a lower gear if the engine speed is automatically shifted by the vehicle. The (HUD) on page 5-28.A higher gear ratio allows you to gain more traction on slippery surfaces. Press the Neutral: Use this position when One to Four Shift Message clutch pedal back down. Then shift you start or idle the engine. The (V8 Only) into 1 (First).As you approach a shift point, the rows of lights grow closer Caution together. Always becomes necessary to slam on the leave enough room up ahead to brakes and continue braking to stop, even with ABS. Antilock Brake avoid a sudden obstacle, a Using ABS. Characteristics and Towing Tips on page 9-54. 3. If cruise control is being used and Electronic Stability traction control or StabiliTrak begins Hill Start Assist (HSA) Attempting to shift when the drive Performance Traction Management wheels are spinning and do not To turn TCS and StabiliTrak on (PTM), and Launch Control are systems designed to allow have traction may cause damage. The appropriate message displays briefly in the DIC. Performance Traction Management (PTM) (ZL1 Coupe Only) PTM integrates the TCS, StabiliTrak, and Selective Ride Control systems to provide improved and consistent These lights are on when the. The accelerator pedal is rapidly Launch Control (V8 with applied to wide open throttle. Manual Transmissions Only) StabiliTrak is off and available engine power is the same as The Launch Control feature will A Launch Control feature is mode 3. Based on road conditions, Vehicles with a limited-slip rear axle steering wheel angle, and the can give more traction on snow, vehicle speed, the system mud, ice, sand, or gravel. To applied the cruise control is prevent injury, death, or vehicle disengaged. For cleaning trunk during the last drive cycle.Rear Vision Camera Location 4. Select Symbols or Guidelines. The feature is on when a check mark appears next to it. Rear Vision Camera Error Messages SERVICE REAR VISION CAMERA SYSTEM: This message can display on the infotainment screen when the system is not working properly. The RVC system may not work important part of the proper If this occurs, use a gasoline rated properly or display a clear image if:. See Malfunction Indicator Fuel Additives Filling the Tank Lamp on page 5-17. If this occurs, To keep fuel systems clean, TOP return to your authorized dealer for Warning TIER Detergent Gasoline is diagnosis. If it is determined that the recommended. This would Warning (Continued) door on the passenger side of the allow fuel to evaporate into the vehicle. To open the fuel door, push atmosphere. See Malfunction Fuel can spray out if the fuel the rearward center edge in and Indicator Lamp on page 5-17. Only use towing equipment that has Filling a portable fuel container Fill the container no more been designed for the vehicle. The damage to the engine, axle or combination you are driving is When towing a trailer, exhaust other parts. This is normal when drivers the vehicle is turning, towing heavier trailers.Caution When towing a trailer, the arrows on Following Distance Making very sharp turns while the instrument cluster flash for turns. Use Trailer Brakes trailer and then the tongue, only a frame-mounted hitch that Does the trailer have its own separately, to see if the weights are does not attach to the bumper. The vehicle has an airbag system. Add-On Electrical Before attempting to add anything Equipment electrical to the vehicle, see Servicing the Airbag-Equipped Vehicle on page 3-26 and Adding Caution. It tells you much more Doing Your Own about how to service the vehicle Service Work than this manual can. To order the proper service manual, see Service Publications Ordering Information Warning. The lever is near the middle of the hood. 3. Lift the hood. Before closing the hood, be sure all filler caps are on properly. Then lift the hood to relieve pressure. Pull the hood down on the passenger side to close it firmly. See Cooling System Hydraulic Clutch Reservoir (if Block on page 10-42. (Except ZL1 Engine) on equipped with manual page 10-20 or Cooling System transmission). See Engine Coolant View). See Cooling System 3.6L V6 Engine Cover on page 10-23. (Except ZL1 Engine) on page 10-20 or Cooling System 2. See Checking 1. If the engine has been running Engine Oil and When to Add recently, turn off the engine and Engine Oil in this section. See Specification containing used engine oil. See the When the system has calculated earlier in this section for more manufacturer's warnings about the that oil life has been diminished, it information.To purchase a message comes back on when the service manual, see Service Life System vehicle is started, the engine oil life Publications Ordering Information Reset the system whenever the system has not been reset. Do not touch them. If you do, premature engine, heater core, you can be burned. Warning The intercooler cooling system has Adding only plain water or some a special procedure for draining and other liquid to the cooling system adding coolant. If using this mixture, surface when checking the coolant mixture can freeze and crack nothing else needs to be added. level. Coolant Recovery Bottle 3. When the level is correct, Warning replace the dipstick and turn the cap clockwise to secure. You can be burned if you spill How to Add Coolant to the coolant on hot engine parts. Check the coolant level in the 3. If there is no coolant visible or raise the engine to 2500 rpm for engine coolant recovery bottle the level is low, slowly fill the 30 40 seconds. Vehicle damage would not be temperature gauge on the vehicle covered by the vehicle warranty. If the warning is still 1. Turn the air conditioning off. If you keep driving when the displayed, turn off the engine until it engine is overheated, the liquids. Fluid What to Use 6. Replace the cap and completely It is not necessary to regularly tighten it. When windshield washer fluid is check power steering fluid unless needed, be sure to read the you suspect there is a leak in the. Disc brakes are first applied or lightly Do not use engine coolant brake pads have built-in wear applied. This does not mean (antifreeze) in the windshield indicators that make a high-pitched something is wrong with the brakes. See Brake System Using the wrong fluid can floor panel. Refer to the Warning Light on page 5-19. A fluid loss could 3. For automatic transmission indicate a problem. Have it vehicles, try to start the engine inspected and repaired by your in each gear. The vehicle should Warning dealer.If the shift lever Park Brake and P (Park) moves out of P (Park), contact Shift Lock Control Mechanism Check your dealer for service. Function Check Warning Ignition Transmission Warning Lock Check When you are doing this check, the vehicle could begin to move. Do not allow the wiper mechanism's holding ability: blade arm to touch the With the engine running, shift to windshield. P (Park). Then release the 5. Reverse Steps 1 3 for wiper parking brake followed by the blade replacement. If the vehicle is damaged in a crash, the headlamp aim may be affected. To replace the turn signal bulb: 1. High Beam H9LL 6. Reinstall the license plate lamp Headlamp by lifting it through the fascia (Except Z28) opening until the clip is in place. Have the Overload protected from short circuits by a headlamp wiring checked right away. Caution Spilling liquid on any electrical component on the vehicle may damage it. Always keep the covers on any electrical component. Remove the convenience The vehicle may not be equipped Fuses Usage net retainers, the rear sill plate, and with all of the fuses, relays, and the passenger side trim retainers, Amplifier. See Active Exhaust Vehicle Load Limits on Every new GM vehicle has Flapper page 9-12.These tires are equipped with winter tires. Winter cause a crash. If the tread designed to provide good overall tires are designed for increased performance on most road surfaces. See Winter Tires on Ultra high performance summer equipment tires. See the digits represent the week (01 Tire Size illustration later in this 52) and the last two digits, the Useful information about a tire is section. year. For example, the third molded into its sidewall. GM's TPC specifications meet or and Rim Association. (6) Service Description These exceed all federal safety. See Tire Pressure Rating for the front axle. See conditioning. on page 10-56. Vehicle Load Limits on page 9-12. The side of the tire that tire in which the ply cords that which a cold tire can be inflated.See Tire Load on an individual tire When It Is Time for New Tires due to curb weight, accessory Neither tire underinflation nor on page 10-64. Use a good quality pocket-type indicates the original equipment gauge to check tire pressure. Return the valve caps on the tires and the correct cold tire Proper tire inflation cannot be valve stems to prevent leaks. TPMS to continue to function properly. Tire sealant materials are not all The TPMS will not function properly The low tire pressure warning light if one or more of the TPMS sensors the same. See When It Is Time Use this rotation pattern if the or other damage that cannot for New Tires on page 10-64 vehicle has different size tires be repaired well because of and Wheel Replacement on on the front and rear and they the size or location of the. When Factors such as maintenance, Loading Information label after changing a wheel, remove any temperatures, driving speeds, the tires have been rotated. See Tire Tires could explode during Using bias-ply tires on the Rotation on page 10-63.See Vehicle Load Limits there may not be an acceptable where applicable on the tire on page 9-12.

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