huntron tracker 2000 operation maintenance manual

huntron tracker 2000 operation maintenance manual

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huntron tracker 2000 operation maintenance manualThe Tracker 2000 is a general purpose troubleshooting testIncluded with each Tracker 2000 is a set of Huntron. Microprobe test leads. These test leads plug into the frontAlso included with the Tracker 2000 are two blue microclips. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Recently a device called Huntron Tracker 2000 came into my hands. I have no idea what that device is and what exactly it does or how. Anyone has an idea ? Thanks !I also found comments on internet stating that the 2000 model is not useful in modern electronics that operate under low voltages. Is that a fact ?Visit this page to see what they are. Bottom line is this is not a very useful piece of kit for the 21st Century. Might be fun to play with though. It claimed to be able to test semiconductors, diodes, capacitors, etc.That would have been a substantial troubleshooting advantage in the early part of the 20th Century. IMHO they are waaay overpriced when available on eBay, but your mileage (or kilometers) may be different.Finally, An explanation(and PC implementation) on the VI method here.Click to expand. It has almost no signs of cosmetic ware and it powers up and shows the beam, controls seem to be working. I only need a set of probes and to read the manual and i am good to go. If it can accurately test capacitors then its good enough for me as for the rest of the semiconductors well. I do get some old devices to fix every now and then.Visit this page to see what they are. Click to expand. And here is some competition. Finally, Click to expand. The tracker i have is marked 110V and i am thinking to buy a step-down transformer. If i can avoid that it would be nice though since i am really tight on budget for irrelevant reasons. Thanks !

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Im seriously considering selling my unit instead of keeping it.Then, on an x-y oscilloscope display (or the equivalent LCD display), the instrument provides an x-axis deflection corresponding to the signal source voltage (which is usually AC) and a y-axis deflection corresponding to the current drawn by the DUT. For a resistor this results in a diagonal straight line. I sometimes jury-rig similar instrumentation for testing and characterizing semiconductor devices, although usually foregoing using just two probes. Instead I have one probe (or a differential pair of probes) to measure the voltage across the device terminals and another to measure the current going in our out of one of the terminals using a low-valued current-sensing resistor. I have no actual experience with a real Huntron Tracker, but I am sure you can find dozens of testimonials from technicians or engineers who will either swear by them or swear at them. I have already bought a cheap step down transformer and begun playing with the tracker.So far i have tested several capacitors known good and known bad once and i have to say that it is hard to tell the difference between them.Im seriously considering selling my unit instead of keeping it. Click to expand. There a few automated methods used to perform what is called ICT( In Circuit Testing ). The newer JTAG(Boundary scan) - well matched for devices supporting it. The older Bad of Nails - good for all, but limited by smaller and smaller board sizes. The combination of the two is also implemented. For repair, The above two are used in the factory or big pro.It would only be 'rare' equipment that demanded such intense fault-finding attention these days.Further more i would like an instrument that could reliably indicate a faulty capacitor even removed from the board.The other day i had a monitor that after working 5-10 minutes it would turn itself off.For example a 1000uf 16V rated capacitor would give me 850-900uf and an esr value of about 0. to 1ohm. Still the fault was caused by one of them. After replacing all of them the problem was fixed.The value and ESR of a cap depend on the cap tolerance() and the series(general purpose,low ES,physical size etc.). You need to know those in order to decide if a cap meets it's manufacturing main parameters(they do defer between manufactures). For high voltage caps there is also the issue of leakage under the specified voltage ratings. There are various ESR tables on the web,they are good for general guidance only. You actually need to know the exact parameters of the specific cap you have. In general, the higher the capacitance the lower the ESR. Here is an example of a specific quality series of Panasonic.Anyway even on the tracker the measured 850uf 16V 0.8Ohm ESR capacitor would give a correct signature.The other day i wast testing a bulged capacitor with the tracker and the difference between a good one of same rating was barely noticeable.Anyway even on the tracker the measured 850uf 16V 0.8Ohm ESR capacitor would give a correct signature.The other day i wast testing a bulged capacitor with the tracker and the difference between a good one of same rating was barely noticeable. Click to expand. Were you doing comparison analysis with another known good board comparing the cap signatures. A Huntron tracker's strength and what it was primarily designed for was comparison analysis. To use it just as a component tester is like using just the radio in a car and not driving it anywhere.Click to expand. One was bulged and the other was good and like i mentioned before the difference was barely noticeable. If it wasnt for the bluging, i could have mistaken it as a good one.When it comes to the tracker i am far far from experienced user P.S. By the way welcome to our forum !As one of the other posters stated your capacitor meter showed a bad cap with a high ESR which should be trusted. In my experience using a Huntron tracker when it comes to higher value electrolytic capacitors in circuit unless it is way off value, shorted or not connected to the point Im measuring from the two signatures will be the same. Changing the frequency so the capacitance component of the signature isn't as dominate helps greatly.You'll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments ( here ). After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I am not an electronics person and I am seeking your help and guidance. I have a Huntron Tracker 2000 that I acquired from an estate sale. It looks to be in perfect condition with no cracks scratches etc. All of the lights light but that’s all I know. It does not have the tests leads or the power cord. I used the power cord from my printer to turn it on. It does come with the manual. From looking on EBay, it looks to be worth several hundred dollars. Can anyone tell me what the value of this is. Or how to test it? And should I? Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can provide! DennisVery limited use, very restricted market, useless for 99.999 of amateur use. You'd be VERY hard pressed to find a buyer.Given the crudeness of the technology and the age of the equipment, this instrument only has value as a museum display piece, and then only if you charge an admission fee to see it.Click to expand. Bottom line: I think it's a matter of preference. Welcome to the gang, Dangie, good luck with it.Click to expand. Your mileage (or kilometers) may differ.I not only have a lot of experience in using Huntron Trackers I own 2. A Huntron 2000 I bought new I believe in 1990 or 91 and a Huntron 2700 I bought used. These are specialty instruments and people who are unfamiliar with them often think of them as just some over priced curve tracer or component tester and used them in that way only. That is not their real strength and what they are primarily designed and to be used for. They are designed and to be used for comparison analysis. Comparing a known good board to a bad or defective board with the power off. As such mostly electronic manufacturers or a industrial type service company would buy and use them as they would be able to do comparison analysis between a good board and bad board. They are especially usefully if schematic is not available. A electronics repair shop most likely would not have a second known good unit for comparison analysis unless they limit their service just a few models of certain brand of a product. So a Huntron Tracker would be of no real use or value to them. As far as testing the unit, get a owners manual online and use a diode, capacitor and resistor to test it going thru all the ranges and frequencies. With selling electronic test equipment someone either needs it or they don't. It is NOT a impulse item. To get the best price you have to wait and be patient. If you sell it on ebay DO NOT use a open auction, use a fixed price auction with a best offer option in the Business and Industrial section. Sooner or later depending on what other Huntrons are for sale some company will need one and inquire, buy or make a best offer on yours. Good luck with it.In other words, what number can you place on the results presented by the Huntron to compare with the number the Huntron presents for a Gold Standard component. Oh, it doesn't provide any numbers for comparison? I maintain that for hobbyist use, the Huntron is a lame and not very precise troubleshooting tool.In other words, what number can you place on the results presented by the Huntron to compare with the number the Huntron presents for a Gold Standard component. Oh, it doesn't provide any numbers for comparison. Note, also, that Electronics Point is mainly a hobbyist forum, not a manufacturing discussion group. I maintain that for hobbyist use, the Huntron is a lame and not very precise troubleshooting tool.Click to expand. They are a troubleshooting tool not a precise measurement or precise testing of a component or board. Besides most electronics use 5 tolerance components as well. For example if a transistor is open or one leg is not soldered he could instantly tell that. Same with resistance and capacitance inductance. Also when a different signature is found it is local, electrically in the same circuit. In other words if you have a known good board and a bad board the signatures are going to pretty much match until you actually probe the problem area which is a huge advantage. I agree these instruments are way overkill for use at a home shop or most electronic repair businesses. But they are a specialized instrument and are very valuable to any company who does or needs to do comparison analysis. Go to Huntrons website to learn more and to get a better idea of the Huntron Trackers and how they are used. They even sell robotic ones that automatically probe hundreds of test points rapidly for mass production.boards. They have been in business since the 1970's. If the Huntron Trackers were nothing more than a overpriced novelty instrument as some people think they are would have folded and been out of business decades ago. ScottGiven the amount of them you see for sale I don't think any company that was in 'dire need' for one couldn't get hold of one very easily (and cheaply if they wanted to get two sellers to 'fight it out') but to imagine these might be profitable to a reseller is plain guesswork for the most part.The Huntrons mostly for sale on Ebay are the older Trackers models, a troubleshooting tool, no different than a oscilloscope or multi-meter but for a more specialized use, comparison analysis. They are not a testing system. You would not go through a board, probe some points, find no differences and declare the board Just like how you use a scope and mult-meter to look at signals and measure voltages to pinpoint the problem circuit and defective component, short or open you use a Huntron Tracker and do comparison analysis between a good board and bad board to do the same thing. Thousands of Huntron Trackers were sold and while the newer models can detect more problems they can still be used today. Analog oscilloscopes can be still be used but the newer digital ones can do more. And just like companies want to upgrade analog oscilloscopes to digital ones the same holds true for the Huntron Trackers. A lot of analog scopes for sale cheap but still can be used, same goes for the older Huntron Tracker models. Huntron trackers are especially useful for troubleshooting a board where no schematic is available but a known good board is. I have a friend that used to work at a very large board repair company Radwell International in NJ for several years and he just left last year. Guess what was on almost every technicians bench. A Huntron tracker. Why? Main reason, no schematics for many of the boards sent in for repair. While the company will have the ability to test lets say a servo drive board for example time wise paying a technician to troubleshoot it without a schematic is a money losing proposal if a Huntron Tracker is not used. As I said before to the right buyer the original OP will get a good price for his Huntron Tracker. It's a specialized instrument and has such has a limited market so time and patience is the key to getting a good price for it.I use it for comparison of the known good channel to the bad channel and it works like a charm. I have a small audio repair shop.You'll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments ( here ). We have 9 Huntron Diagrams, Schematics or Service Manuals to choose from, all free to download. Website contains a compilation of information already available elsewhere on the internet and therefore considered to be in the public domain. We make every effort to ensure the information contained here is as accurate as possible, but we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions, or anything resulting thereof. However, we do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience, of any kind, as a result of downloading any information from this site. Always scan any information downloaded from the internet with an up to date virus scanner before opening the downloaded information. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant METER forum topics: Keresem. EMG-1577-1 TR-4807-1 Digitalis tarolasu karakterisztikaabrazolo es analizalo rendszer szeviz tartozekanak a bekoteset. Hello! Keresek segitseget az EMG-1577-1 karakterisztika rajzolo beallitasara. Uganis a rendelkezesemre alloErdekelne esetleg egy gyari darab vagy eleg volna csak a bekotese. Elore is megkoszonom. Udvaros Gyula.LCM3-at vagy Tranzisztor(komponens) tesztert epitsunk. Vagy mindkettot kulon-kulon. Legjobb lenne egy dobozban a ket muszert !:LEGUJABB!( Az elozo keszulek csak 1 LCD-t hasznalo ket keszulek volt egy dobozba epitve) De ez az igazi: C1-59 (SZ1-59) Orosz oszcilloszkop nincs kep. Udv kedves szakik! Hozzam kerult egy Orosz ( szovjet) C1-59 (SZ1-59) tipusu oszcilloszkop. A felepitesebol gondolom, hogy katonai verzio lehet. Jo nagy darab, rack-ba rakhato, es hatul is vannak bemeneti. Meregettem benne a felvezetoket, feszultsegeket. Talaltam nehany kiszaradt, kapacvesztet kondit. Csereltem oket. Eredmeny: egy darabig volt feny, jol fokuszalhato, a benne levo mero jel( negyszog)A mukodese alapjan ugy saccolom, hogy hosszu utanvilagitasu cso van benne. Az utanvilagitasi idot lehet allitani. Aztan talaltam meg kapacvesztett kondit. Azt is csereltem. Most mar nincs feny sem.:). Visszaraktam a regi kondit, akkor sincs. Kellene egy rajz, vagy szervizkonyv. Minden segitseg jol jon. Koszonettel: MickieYou can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian). Testing Good Board and UUT to Find Defects Tests Gate Fired Devices such as SCRs, TRIACs, Opto-couplers Capacitors, Inductors, Coils Robotic Systems, and Programmable Logic Controls In-Plant The TR210 Huntron. Tracker and TDS200 oscilloscope provide you an excellent combinationA built-in pulse generatorThe TR210 works by applying a current-limited. AC signal across two points of a component. The current flow causesTogether, they give you aBy analyzing each signature, youUsing the built-in pulse generator,Frequencies - 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 200 Hz, or 2,000 Hz. High Range Lockout. Power - Characteristics. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Analyzers are key tools to test electronic equipment in the engineering, medical, automotive, and technological industries. Use analyzers for monitoring the performances of many different types of electronic You may need analyzers for the measurement of components such as audio spectrums, voltages and currents, signals, and frequencies. Its built-in pulse generator lets you thoroughly troubleshoot gate-fired devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and optocouplers. By energizing the gate, you can test a component in an active mode. You use a Tracker 2000 while the power to the circuitry you’re testing is turned off. So you avoid an accidental short that could cause further damage. It allows you to analyze the overall health of a solid-state component, which makes it perfect for finding leakage or substrate damage that has brought a system or PCB down prematurely. Because it can compare suspect components to known-good equivalents, it’s also ideal for troubleshooting when documentation is missing or incomplete. Real-world troubleshooting challenges The Huntron Tracker 2000 is ideal for troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs). In troubleshooting multi-channel input modules, technicians frequently run into a damaged channel because the IC buffers, optocouplers and drivers have been overstressed. By using the pulse generator built into the Tracker 2000, you can quickly troubleshoot optocouplers and other gate-fired devices. Simply compare signatures of one channel against another. You’ll usually find problems where you see differences in signatures. Likewise, you can compare multichannel outputs with the Tracker 2000. These devices usually fail when too much current is drawn through the logic section. To troubleshoot them, compare the signatures of ICs in one channel against those in another, looking for differences that indicate a problem. Analog signature analysis The Tracker works by applying a current-limited AC signal across two points of a component. The current flow causes a vertical deflection of the CRT trace, while the voltage causes a horizontal deflection. Together, they give you a unique current-voltage “analog signature” that represents the overall health of the device you’re testing. Analyzing each signature, you can quickly tell if a component is good, bad or marginal. Specifications More Information Manufacturer Huntron Condition Used Datasheets Huntron Tracker 2000 Manuals Huntron Tracker 2000 Operation and Maintenance Manual Looking for other manuals. Search all of our available manuals here. About Us Terms and Conditions Privacy and Cookie Policy Contact Us Educational Discounts ValueTronics New and Used Test Equipment, All Rights Reserved. If you need actual photos of this unit feel free to contact us and we will send them to you. Businesses and Universities, please call for payment options. New Jersey buyers pay 7 sales tax. Please notify us of method of payment in a timely fashion after the auction has ended. If a buyer has not made any attempt to contact us 7 days after this auctions end time we will assume you are forfeiting the auction and the item will no longer be available to buyer. However, we reserve the right to ship for the same cost via FedEx or other carrier. We prefer to ship by FedEx or UPS. Packaging: We package items in new boxes and foam pack-in-place.Feedback: We appreciate Positive feedback. We leave feedback as soon as we get feedback from you. If you have any problems with the sale, please try to resolve it with us before you leave us a Neutral or Negative. Please ask about our extended warranty. The extended warranty approval process takes several days. With over 20 years of experience in the used test equipment field we can help you find the equipment you are looking for at affordable prices. Vast consignment inventory. You are the light of the world. Stay informed with updates here. Low voltage range makes these units ideal for testing passive devices like as high value capacitors while still in-circuit. Source voltage, source resistance and test frequency are clearly defined on front panel. A variable 5VDC voltage generator allows you to switch gate-fired devices so they can be tested on and off. SigAssisT displays real-time numeric information such as breakdown voltage, resistance, capacitance and power to help with signature interpretation. All rights reserved. Series (NEETS) Chapter 2: Pages 2-41 through 2-48 This mode allows This is accomplished by connecting By examining the signature differences, you can detect a defective component. Note that in the low range, Sometimes component defects are more obvious in one range than another, so is a Troubleshooting Tips When Therefore, you should, in most cases, electrically isolate the suspected The best way to do this is to desolder all but one This is normal, especially with digital integrated circuits, and does not When this occurs, the best way to verify this is to compare the outputs of The resistance scale of the ohmmeter must be carefully selected to ensure ESD-SENSITIVE DEVICES are Some of the more sensitive devices can be damaged by static charges as MOSFETS, however, are classed as ESD-sensitive devices; INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (ICs) They are rugged, compact, and inexpensive. There is a wide You should be familiar with the different types of batteries, their test requirements, and RF ATTENUATORS and RESISTIVE LOADS Resistive loads can be There is a wide assortment of test equipment designed specifically for testing fiber- optic Fire Control Technician G Introduction to Microelectronics, Control, and Measurement Techniques, and Schematic Reading Power Supplies Circuits Lines, and Antennas Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps Mugs, Cups, Ball Caps, Mouse Pads. You are bidding on a like new. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.All of my items are well packaged for postage and shipping This item is in used working condition (see photos) no accessories included.Includes power cord but no leads.Hello bidders, time to bid for this exciting Huntron Tracker 2700. See its real photos for more features. You can. Components are tested with a two terminal syst. Uk mainland onlyfeedback will always be left as soon as feedback is recieved Selling it all together as a lot.Asking price is 499.99. Any question Please ask. Thank you for loo. We will refund you if the item is not as described or damaged in transportation Huntron for sale - Item in great shape some some box damage- Asking price is 50. Any question Please ask! Please see the photos. Asking price is 393. Any question Please ask. Available for just 1000. So Grab yourself a bargain. Any question Please ask! Than. Morepro fitness tracker brand knew black.I measured a capacitor and the circle image appeared (see photo), so it appears to be working but i can't say how well.Huntron tracker for sale have been lightly used, please see pictures for the current condition. Asking 4.99. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Tha. If you do have any. Any question Please ask! Come see me in the sprint store in alvin.I measured a capacitor and the circle image appeared (see photo), so it appears to be working but i can't say how well.Sorry if this seems a little l. Channel a works perfect every time.Huntron tracker for sale. All in excellent condition from smoke free home. Asking price is 1.76. Any question Please ask! Huntron tracker for sale.Tracking device can put on anything and download and app. I can no t be held responsible for loss in the post unless you ask me to quote and post by recorded delivery Our store offers a days from buyer received return and exchange policy Sweet georgia brown lot triple scoop lip gloss trio x sealed freepost terms and conditions - please read very carefully. Show More Description Features: Test Components and Boards Without Power Ideal for Catastrophic Failures Built-In Pulse Generator Non-Destructive Testing The Huntron Tracker 2000 Pulse Generator provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to simplify testing newer technology components such as CMOS and MOS circuits. The Tracker 2000 can be used while the power to the circuitry being tested is turned off. This avoids accidental shorts that could cause further damage. It allows a user to analyze the overall health of a solid-state component, which makes it perfect for finding leakage or substrate damage that has brought a system or circuit board down prematurely. Because it can compare suspect components to known good equivalents, it’s also ideal for troubleshooting when documentation is missing or incomplete. Huntron Tracker 2000 I-V Curve Trace Pulse Generator Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links Huntron Tracker 2000 Datasheet (pdf) View all Huntron products Huntron Tracker 2000 I-V Curve Trace Pulse Generator Specs General Manufacturers Huntron Model Tracker 2000 Condition Used and in Excellent Condition Product Family Tracker 2000, Tracker2000, Tracker-2000 View It Live Request Buying used equipment doesn't always have to be a shot in the dark. We know there are plenty of differences when it comes to used equipment and quite often, choosing between different pieces is difficult, especially when the equipment is not sitting right in front of you. Well, what if you were able to see a piece of equipment before you purchased it. Not just a picture from the manufacturer's website, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive. You can zoom in close to see the labels with the serial number or zoom out to see the overall condition of the equipment. It's like having the store come to you. InstraView Request Form To get started. 1. Fill in the request form below 2. We'll send you an email letting you know exactly when your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Item to Inspect: 65687-1 - Huntron Tracker 2000 I-V Curve Trace Pulse Generator Error Please contact us to complete your request. Thank You! We will be contacting you shortly. Warranty: If there's a problem, we'll make it right. Your satisfaction is how we measure success. Returns: No hassle return policy. Repair: Our team of engineers are creative problem solvers who understand your challenges. Payment: Custom Calibration: You give us the specs and we do the rest. Share this page: Excellent customer service! Matt R. I found that the staff is very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for this type of equipment! Dylan S. Great customer service.With over 20 years of We work quickly.

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